Bina Blocks - Version 1.1.0 Patch Notes

The first update for Bina Blocks should be going live any day now.

Once it does, it will patch over the following things:

--- Not more levels (aweee)... But if you have suggestions for levels, feel free to submit them to I'm open to ideas! :D

--- A weird glitch that kept the timer on screen in one special case has now been removed. For those of you who spotted it, it wasn't that big of a deal anyways. :P

--- The phrase "2 Binas Deposited" was unclear AND an unusually long word compared to most of the words in the game. This has been changed to "2 Binas Banked"... Just makes more sense :)

--- I'm sorry, but no, you weren't supposed to get extra Binas for every time you failed the newest level. Oh god that's a massive bug. This no longer happens. You will only get Banked binas when you complete a level for the first time (as expected). Credit to iOS Games Channel for letting me see this bug in action.

--- Initial tutorial had a button that could be pressed after it was gone. Didn't affect the tutorial, but annoyed me. So I fixed it. :)

--- If anyone was having weird issues with the Level 6 Bank Tutorial, I apologize. I don't THINK there were any, but upon creation of this update, I found and removed a bug.

--- Finally, a new "secret message" was added. How many of you found the first one? (Hint: It said "You look great and you know it!")

Tell your friends about how much you hate "that stupid OP bird!" lol.

Thanks for playing Bina Blocks. (and for suffering through the bird's ridiculousness)

Leave a review on the App Store if you haven't already.

Build On. Enjoy! :)

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Written by Alex Ogorek on 6/5/2014.

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