Bina Blocks - Version 1.2.0 Patch Notes

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Enjoying the building? Hating the bird?

Let's see what's new in version 1.2 of Bina Blocks:

Build with your Blocks from 31-50 in this update of Bina Blocks. Got any level ideas? Send them to

Exploding Blocks you say?! Yes. Introducing TNT. Starting on level 31, enjoy the thrill of having to narrowly avoid TNT, or using it to your advantage. ;)

Build and Combine your way to 3 stars with this puzzling new shape addition to Bina Blocks. Starting on level 41, enjoy the security your structures will feel with this new shape.

Want the extra block without the extra Binas? The mystery cloud, starting on level 31, spawns a random object when the bird begins its movement.

Because let's be honest, levels 12 and 30 (and maybe a few others) were a bit too hard. These have been reduced to fit a more appropriate difficulty curve.

Basically, holding a block near the Bank button on a timed level, releasing, then pressing the bank button when the timer is near 0.00 caused it to "pause", but get you 3 stars anyways. You could also press Go and Pause at the same time too. (effectively beating all levels with 3 stars and no effort). Credit to my brother for showing me these exploits. :)

Instead of getting +2 Binas every time you beat a level, it's now going based off how many stars you get the first time. Eg: 1 star = 1 Bina put in the bank, 2 stars = 2 Binas and 3 stars = 3 Binas.

-- New App Icon (shows the mean bird now :P)

-- Version number added to the Info screen.

-- Holding a block over the trash can on a timed level when the timer goes off no longer keeps the text "Remove to Delete Block" on screen. Credit again to my brother. :)

-- New message (last one was "Nts. Nts. Nts. -A Techno Song").

Tell your friends about how much you hate "that stupid OP bird!" lol.

Thanks for playing Bina Blocks. (and for suffering through the bird's ridiculousness)

Leave a review on the App Store if you haven't already.

Build On. Enjoy! :)

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Written by Alex Ogorek on July 8, 2014.

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