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The book that teaches you how to create my latest game Cubic! Click HERE to experience the hardest puzzle game you'll ever play in your life (or your money back).

(or just about any other kind of iOS game)

Set to release in April 2015, you can pre-order by going to the following link:
Mastering Cocos2D

The book was written with the intention of being an easy-to-read book that you could sit down in front of a computer with a just start typing away. Yes it helps if you know Cocos2D and/or Objective-C beforehand, but it's a really in-depth and comprehensive guide on how to code iOS games from start to finish.

Even though it's easy to read, it covers a range of topics that even the best programmers will learn something.

Check out the full description over at Packt Pub's website, and learn more about what's in the book, along with ordering the book itself:
Mastering Cocos2D

Enjoy! :)

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Written by Alex Ogorek on March 21, 2015.

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